Grin x NiceHash Mining Guide

What’s Grin and MimbleWimble?

Grin checks all the boxes. Grin is a community-driven cryptocurrency that advocates for privacy, aims for scalability and stays decentralized. Resembling Bitcoin, Grin has an independent and active dev-community.

Grin was built based on the MimbleWimble protocol, a completely new blockchain protocol that will result in a paradigm shift. It’s a scalable blockchain due to its innovative design that reduces the amount of data that needs to be stored.

Like Bitcoin, Grin uses classical Nakamoto consensus (Proof-of-Work) but with a completely different mining algorithm called Cuckoo Cycles which is known for being ASIC resistant as it’s memory intensive.

Learn more about Grin in our detailed Medium Article.

How to place a Grin order on NiceHash?

Start by creating a Luxor Account. Go to You will be prompted with a screen that will ask for a username, email, and 12 digit password. Shortly after you will receive an email to verify your account, then you will be able to login into your Luxor Dashboard and resume with the process.

Now, it’s time to move to NiceHash. Before placing your order you need to set up Luxor’s Pool in Nicehash. To do so, login into your dashboard and navigate to For Buyers > My Pools > Add New Pool. You should see something like this:

NiceHash Pool Setup

You’ll see a lot of blank fields you’ll need to fill.

Custom Pool Name: This allows you to identify all of your pools. This can be whatever you want.

Algorithm: GrinCuckaroo29 or GrinCuckatoo31. Depends on which algorithm you want to mine. You can find a Mining Calculator here.

Stratum Hostname or IP: or

Port: 3000

Username: LuxorAccountUsername.WorkerName In our example, our Luxor account username is LuxorMining and our worker name is NiceHash therefore, we used LuxorMining.NiceHash.

Password: WorkerPassword. Here you will need to input the worker password and not your Luxor Account password.

Click on Test Pool to make sure that everything is going to work fine.

Once you have the pool ready to go. Navigate to For Buyers > Marketplace to place an order. Make sure to select the correct mining algorithm (GrinCuckaroo29 or GrinCuckatoo31).

NiceHash Order

Select your bidding price, hashrate limit and amount desired to spend. Place your order by clicking on Place Order. As soon as your order gets filled you should see your balance increment in Luxor’s Dashboard.

NiceHash Order Stats

Monitoring revenue and miner performance on Luxor

Once you’ve started hashing, grab yourself a beer! It’ll take about 5 minutes for your worker to appear on our stats page. To find your user, simply go to and login into your user account at the top of the navbar. You should see something like this:

How to withdraw funds

This guide will delve deeper into how request a payment from Luxor’s Grin Pool. We started by implementing IP withdrawals since most exchanges only support IP, however, we’re going to add file and keybase transactions in the up coming weeks.

Start by navigating to your dashboard. Then go to the wallet the wallet tab, you should see something like this:

Grin Luxor Wallet

If you’re requesting a payout to self-hosted node, make sure the node is active, listening by running the following command grin wallet -e listen and ensure that the wallet is listening to IP:3415. You can make sure your wallet is reachable using

Click on the withdraw button, the following window will pop up on the page:

Luxor Withdrawal Interface

Fill in the field with your exchange HTTP or HTTPS address and request the payment by clicking on the Request Payout button. It might take a few minutes before you see your balance credited in your account which depends on the amount of network confirmations your exchange requires.

Happy Hashing!

Luxor is building infrastructure to support the next generation of digital assets. Learn more about us 👉 here.

We are available on Twitter and Discord ping us there. We would ❤️ to hear from you!



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